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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Days 54 and 55 - Clewelah to Republic, WA

Monday, August 23 was a day off with miles.  Rode about 30 miles from Chewelah to Kettle Falls. Followed the Colville River on Rt. 395, a busy highway.  Passed through Colville and  rode seven more to Kettle Falls. The Kettle River Range was on our left. Relaxed at the motel, stretched out on comfy chairs, and caught up on postings while enjoying a few beers and a good cigar. Rosie didn't have a cigar. She prefers chatting with her girl friends.

Tuesday, August 24 trepidation has set in once more. Rosie fretted during the night, while I slept, about climbing yet another pass. After riding the Flowery Pass the other day she wasn't keen on doing another. Flowery was on a county road and Sherman Pass, the one planned for today, was on a state road and I was sure it would be an easier grade. The ascent began three miles outside of town just after we rode over the Columbia River. Twenty-three miles later we were at the top and this was Rosie's expression:

While at the top we met three other riders approaching from the west.  Two were from the Syracuse, NY area, the other from Portland, OR. Another small world experience.

It was more or less 18 miles downhill to Republic where we found the Northern Inn. Nice digs.

Tomorrow, we cross over Wauconda Pass, 4310 feet. Locals said it was easier than Sherman. We are meeting Jason in Tonasket and he will be accompanying us the remainder of the trip. Haven't seen the boy since 2009. Rosie is doubly happy because she said she has had it with passes. Tough on her knees. We'll see as the day turns.

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