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Thursday, August 26, 2010

WA- Days 56 and 57

Wednesday, August 25 we rode from Republic to Tonasket.  We left Republic at 10ish believing at least half our miles would be downhill after climbing over Wauconda Pass. The 13.42 mile climb was comparatively gradual. There were few exciting vistas and the summit must have been summarily marked. The first few miles of the downside was at a 5% grade enjoyed by moi at least. It leveled out here and there. Thirteen miles from Tonasket we were hit by winds from all directions requiring us to pedal downhill to maintain a 10 mph pace.  We rode around the wind at eight miles which quicken our pace reaching the last five miles which was downhill at 5% grade right into town. At the junction of Rt. 20 and 97 sat the Junction Motel, our digs for the night.

The best part of the day was meeting up with the Boy who is sagging us the last week of the trip. We were eager to see the boy. It was over a year since we saw him.

Jason and Bear, his boxer, arrived with complementary spirits, cigars and desiccated turkey. The evening was spent sipping on Glenlivet and gnawing on good stogies. The boy had grown as much as I loss weight on this trip. Horse would be an inadequate description.

Thursday, August 26 was a day off with miles. We planned to ride to Omak or Okanogan, the furthest being 28 miles. Prior to leaving, I did a bike check and found Rosie's rear tire had flatten.  Changed that and lubed the steeds. Just before mounting I double checked the tires and found Rosie's rear had lost air. We were back to square one. We were off shortly after repairing it again.  Jason drove to our potential overnight, visited a bike shop for tubes and looked for appropriate lodging. Meantime we rode a gradual ascending grade against a steady headwind. Half way the smooth road changed to rough chipseal making a short day longer. Jason met us as we entered Omak. After lunch we decided the Omak Inn was suitable lodging. Besides, it was adjacent our lunch site.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to ride to Twisp over the Loup Loup Pass. Rosie is once again reluctant. Having a sag makes it difficult to cajole her.  I'm thinking of offering Rosie two free pedicures.

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  1. Pedicures would be a strong motivation for me....but now I am familiar w/ the terrain you are traveling and I would prefer to do it by car! Remember Twisp is the Native American word for bee...or yellow jacket. I love the area of WA you are exploring. James and I just celebrated our 22 nd anniversary on the Olympic Pennisula. You must go there while you are here! So beautiful!!!!