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Sunday, July 4, 2010

The first three days

Day - 1: It was a great start!

We rode from Syracuse to Sodus Point, 68 miles. Our friend Craig met us five miles out and accompanied us for the first 18 miles stopping at Bob's Tires where our neighbor Jim works, rode a section of the Erie Canal Trail, returning to the black top east of Weedsport, continued through Port Byron and worked our way to Wolcott for food and then the point.

Our route was like a flower garden. The roadside was groomed with wild flowers.

A favorite moment was when we came upon a cross road called Shortcut Rd. Rosie was drafting at the time. A minute later I realized she wasn't behind me. She had turned. What else can I say?

We ended the day with a spectacular sunset over Lake Ontario. See the Kodak pictures.

Day-2: Many Quotes

Sodus Point to Hamlin Beach State Park, anther 68 miles, but loaded. We rode along the lake most of the way, detouring once to bypass a seasonal bridge that fortuitously led us to Salvatore's Pizzeria in Rochester. Good pie!

 We spent most of the day on Lakeshore Rd. and the Ontario Parkway. Staying close to the water lowered the temp at least 10 degrees. We had planned to stay at Green Harbor Campground, a private site because State parks had a minimum two day rate. We learned from three guys riding around the Great Lakes that they had “walk-on sites”. Go figure, they were from PA.

We changed our plans and stayed at Hamlin. While setting up camp a van pulled up carrying a young family. The father introduced himself and said his kids were curious because we arrived on bikes. Their eyes were wide and their expressions were priceless when we shared our adventure.

Our first night in our itty bitty tent was eventful. Lets just say level ground in a small tent is very important. A few thoughts from the day:
1.Don't want to exercise all night long, find level ground.
2.Old people shouldn't sleep in small tents.
3.A 6'2” 240 lb. Man should not try to use a tent the size of a shoe box.
4.Yellow tents are bright in the morning. A wake up call.
5.This is why they invented 5th wheels.
6.You have to be a contortionist to work the zippers.
7.Rosie said the last time her hips hurt like this it was during childbirth.
8.Got a cramp?
9.It actually has an overall body toning affect. You wake up stiff as a board.
10.The last time I slept this long in the fetal position I was in the womb.
11.Rosie said, “Yes it was my idea, but I was thinking hotels not hard ground.
12.If it doesn't kill us, it will make us regret tenting.

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Day – 3

Hamlin to North Tonawanda, 69ish miles. We're at my brother's. It doesn't take long to appreciate a bed. Oh, we had ice cream today. Me a banana split and Rosie a twist. See pics. Oh, did I mention, it was a great ride until we left the lake and the temp spiked 10 degrees?

BTW, as I expected WI-FI is here and there and updating this block will not always be timely. I'll try to unload pictures to the Kodak site often.

View Trans America Bike Ride - Day 3 in a larger map

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  1. Hi Bill and Rosie,

    Loved the pictures you posted the other day!! I hope this heat hasn't gotten the best of you... Looking forward to more pics and blogs.
    Take care, Stephanie