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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Day in Michigan

The day began with a relaxed breakfast with Walt at a Big Boy in Cedar Springs, MI. We had a perfect overcast sky and a straight route to Muskegon. The first eight miles to Kent were rolling and after that we felt it was downhill with a tailwind. For long stretches we were doing 20 mph plus. We were on Route 46. It was lined with fruit orchards much of the way.

Fortyish miles later we were at the Express Ferry terminal in Muskegon where upon we had our first surprise of the day. Our one way pass to cross Lake Michigan was $210.00. The price one has to pay for fun.

Then came the second surprise. I decided to check and lube the bikes while waiting 4 hours for the ferry. That's when I discovered my rear wheel was failing. The freewheel side spokes were pulling out and the rim was cracking. For those in the know, this is a hint the wheel was never properly dished. On the other hand I've always had problems with rear wheels breaking. I like to think it has to do with the horse power generated by the Horseman, but as you might recall I started this trip with this observation: the bike, the gear and me weighed 312 lbs. The combination of a poorly built wheel, a wide load and punishing power destroyed the rim. The photos are on the Kodak site.

At the end of the day all is well. We're in Milwaukee visiting Bob and Jill, who have already plied us with good food and beverage. While Rosie improves the scent of our biking regalia, I will be seeking a new wheel at the local bike shop. Tomorrow, if all goes well, we will be riding true and smelling like a rose.

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