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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where have we been

We arrived in North Tonawanda, NY on the 3rd, spent the 4th and left on the 5th. BTW, follow this in conjunction with the Kodak pics. Robin, sisinlaw, bother John and sis Doris accompanied us on the 5th along the bike trail from NT to Buffalo to see us off across into Canada. My brother Jim, Mom and b-inlaw Scott met at the Peace Bridge. Jim ferried Rosie across due to acrophobia.  We continued through Ft. Erie to Port Colburne, not realizing there was a bike trail starting in Ft. Erie called the Friendship Trail. We got on it in Ridgeway after meeting two riders coming off the trail. The first day we lodged at Rock Point Provincial Park where you can get a $5.00 ice cream cone. Yes, this is where we're headed, thank you Demo Loons, but I digress.

Trans-America Bike Ride- Day 4 in a larger map

We left Rock Point early the next morning thinking of going to Turkey Point Park, but altering our plan en route to go to Tillsonburg. Had to get off the heavily traveled Rt. 3 and work our way through the back roads. Having GPS helped some, but Longway can be a jerk. We all have names for that woman. You know who I'm talking about?  Hoteled it and had some great KFC.


Trans America Bike Ride - Day 5 in a larger map

I spent a good part of my post ride figuring out our next route which we stuck too even when the names of the roads had been changed by the original aborigines. Ten miles of gravel lengthen our day. Can't see that on Google. We ended up in Melbourne at the Porthole Diner where we met Jean and her mother Lard Ass Lucy. Great food and Jean hooked us up with  Fred and Gayle Cahill owners of the Texas Longhorn Ranch, 15 miles away. Thank you Jean and Betty (and Happy 90th BD). We got there at 1730 to be treated the rest of the evening with a Covered Wagon digs, more evening food, beer, great conversation and help yourself breakfast the next day. We had dinner with the family including Greg, there son and two hired hands. Don't remember their names, but  I'll call them Ellie May and Ellie May. A special thanks to the Cahills. Our door is open to you at a moments notice.

Trans America Bike Ride - Day 6 in a larger map

We had a hearty breakfast thanks to Gayle and left at 0805. Our first stop was in Petrolia which is down the road from Oil City where the first oil well in N. America was drilled or should I say dug. We finally arrived at the border in Sombra, Ontario after 50 miles, had vittles at Anita's Place in Marine City, MI a ferry ride away where beer was a featured happy hour beverage. There was an antique mall across the street for Rosie t o look at... We finally put ashore at the Anchor Motel. Not too new, but clean enough. Rosie just checked the sheets and they passed the test.

Trans America Bike Ride - Day 7 in a larger map


  1. Enjoy Bill and Rosie I hope you have fun


  2. Hi Bill and Rosie,
    We were so glad to meet you. Wish you a safe trip, with many good times.
    Your friends in Lake Preston

  3. Hello Bill And Rosie!!
    It was great to meet you both and it sure sounds like you're having a terrific journey!
    Thanks for the blog reminder address!!
    Keep smilin'
    Happy Trails,
    Fred & Gail Cahill, Strathroy, Ontario

  4. The Democratic Party is leading us to the $5 ice cream cone? I had no idea.