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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Special Thanks

We arrived via the Express Ferry from Meskegon, MI to Milwaukee, WI to be met by Bob and Jill at the terminal. I met Bob and Jill on RAGBRAI years ago and they were gracious enough to host us for a couple days. Rosie and I thoroughly enjoyed the stay and judging from my liquor bill we had a great time.

As previously mentioned, I needed a new rear wheel. Bob took me to his local shop where John Johnson did a makeover on the stead and provided me with a bomb proof rear wheel. The Wideload should not break this wheel.

Bob had a wealth of information regarding routes across WI. and provided me with his personal maps along with a self-address envelop. I mail them as soon as I get to MN.

Yesterday we visited a famous haunt in Milwaukee called Wolski's. We didn't close it, but made an attempt to leave our mark. My bike was repaired by our second Bloody Mary so off we went to pick it up followed by a delicious dinner at a place I can't recall right now because it included Manhattans.

Today Bob and Jill accompanied us for the first 15 or so miles that took us along several trails, including the New Berlin Trail. Saved us many miles and fighting with traffic.  Part of the trail was adjacent to power lines. I waxed poetic saying "although cyclists are wired, they have little tension."

Fording a flooded trail may of cost me my computer, but it was a small price to pay for a great couple of days.  Bob and Jill, thanks again and we'll make plans to meet in Cabo next Spring.

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  1. Bill and Rosie, you guys are welcome here any time -- we only wish we could have biked a little further with you. Hopefully your 'puter is on the mend (or you'll find a suitable replacement along the way)so that I can deliver a few pics from the 'flood ride'. The blog would not be complete without those.....meanwhile avoid the low ground, ride safe, and remember what Dennis said...."Thank You for shopping at Wolski's".

    Look forward to crossing paths again soon.

    Bob & Jill