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Monday, July 12, 2010


It is our last night in MI. We've had a good week starting in Marine City to Addison Park in Romeo to Durand to Carson City and now Cedar Springs. Tomorrow we'll be in Muskegon where we'll take the Express Ferry to Milwaukee, WI. We roughly rode 200 miles this week bringing us to about 660 miles for the trip. I asked Rosie for the exact mileage and she didn't have it immediately at hand. She just gave it to me and told me to let you know it was 222 miles this week.

Marine City up to Durand was for the most part through the bedroom communities of Detroit. The roads had gravel shoulders, the pavement was torn up two feet into the road and the drivers were less than considerate. Just before Durand we were in a rural area and the roads improved and so did the attitudes of the drivers.  We stayed in a Quality Inn given it was Rosie's birthday on the 10th. Couldn't find a Ritz in town.  After plying her with a bit of Jameson's, I took my Little Woman to the top burger joint in town recognized world round as Wendy's. It was that or Taco Bell.

The ride to Carson City was on relatively flat roads traveling through Corunna, Owosso, Ovid, Elsie and Bannister.  Avoided the heavily traveled roads. We met the owner of a near 200 year old house in Corunna where Ulysses Grant stayed, visited the Curwood Castle in Owosso, an author of many books including "The Bear", stroked the teat of a giant Holstein in Elsie and ended up in Carson City in a cottage for $20.00. We were faced with our first thunder storm 15 miles from Carson City taking refuge on Judy's porch who directed us to the cottage. We avoided the rain and had a bed that night.

We took back roads to Cedar Springs ended up in the Lakeview Camp Park. We met Walt, a long time resident who shuttled me to the store for beer and KFC.  Rosie loveeees KFC. It actually is one of the perfect foods for this kind of thing. I can hear the "You're kidding me." now.

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  1. Rosie and Bill,

    Enjoying your entries with great interest because in a few days I'm starting a ride nearly in reverse from Northern Illinois to the Albany area of NY. Curious of your plans in Wisconsin if you'll be anywhere near Beloit? Kind of new to the blog thing so not sure of proper etiquette but spent a lot of time on a bike in the state if that would be helpful or interesting to you. We have KFC!! Enjoy your ride, Joel