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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cracking the Whip

While our elected representatives pull most of us further towards central planning and crony capitalism (fascism) promising a government shepherded life with less risk where they steer and we row, Rosie and I seek the open road on our trusty steel steeds. I was up at 0446 while the Little Woman caught a few more moments of sack time knowing a comfortable mattress will be less often enjoyed in the next 60 days. I prepared the coffee. The scent nudged Rosie from her fetal position. Looking forward to one more morning on the front porch, Rosie said it was a bit too chilly. This could be a foreboding moment. I'm typing this as Rosie is preparing my last breakfast, not necessarily comparable with the Last Supper. I don't expect to be crucified any time soon, although my fate is in the hands of the Open Road God.

We've batten down the hatches and await our friends Hanie and Rick who will be providing us with sag service our first day. They've taken time out of their busy day to share with us, carrying our gear to our destination and setting up camp. Along the way our friend Graig plans to meet us on his bike and escort us to the outskirts of Syracuse. Jeff and Karen visited us last night to send us off with a few laughs and good lucks. Jeff considered riding with us the first day, but like everybody else he has to work. Oh yeah, that's why we can do this ride. All of Rosie's girlfriends have voiced their concern for her health and safety and have charged me with ensuring both even though this was not my idea. My friends for the most part have remained silent and suspiciously envious I'm sure.
Well, I should make haste because Rosie is doing the dishes and just asked me if I've finished eating. There are many ways to crack a whip.


  1. I am envious. Stopped in a bike shop last night and hoping to pull the trigger this weekend. I hope to make the same trek someday.

    God Speed!


  2. Like they said, be safe and have fun!

  3. Hey, in biker helmets you mike just pass for Devo

    Crack that whip
    Give the past the slip
    Step on a crack
    Break your momma's back

    When a problem comes along
    You must whip it
    Before the cream sits out too long
    You must whip it
    When something's going wrong
    You must whip it

    now whip it
    into shape
    shape it up
    get straight
    go forward
    move ahead
    try to detect it
    it's not too late
    to whip it
    whip it good

    All the best to ya both. Be safe out there. Keep us posted!

  4. Safe Journey my friends. Bill, you missed your calling. I will be first in line for the book signing at Barnes & Noble. I miss and love you Rosie. So looking forward to the daily blog readings. Only 59 more sleeps. Be safe. Jane

  5. Don't be cracking the whip to much on my friend Rosie. Enjoy and be safe !!

  6. Have been thinking of you all day - windy and gold for July 1 - will be looking forward to hearing of her daily experiences. Take care of her, Bill.

  7. God Speed to both of you.
    Bill take care of my dearest friend of over 30 years.
    Love you guys!

  8. Rosie and Bill, Have a great ride, and enjoy. Bill you once told me on a dive to pay attention to the small details and I would see things few others would ever have a chance too. So you and Rosie pay close attention to the country details that those of us in cars will never see. Have fun and be safe. Leah, Liam, and Shawn

  9. Good morning, Bill and Rosie. My first thought when I woke up was of you and how you spent your first night (under the stars?). Hope all is going well, and please take care of each other. Send pictures.

  10. Willie,
    Remember the ancient bikers moto, "drive straight except around the curves, especially in the mountains"
    Have to admit I am a bit envious. This sends your bragging rights into almost unbearable territory, lol

    Brother John

  11. Checking in on the happy trail anxious to hear more. Friday nite, have fun! Love Jules

  12. Hey there, I still haven't figured out how to see the entire trip yet.