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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Women Don't Wave As Much

We have been in South Dakota for three days. Rosie remarked that women drivers don't wave as much as men drivers.  Not sure what to make of that. I started paying more attention and noticed the same. She said she noticed States ago.

After further consideration, I've surmised the following. Men can better relate to the adventurist spirit. Women on the other hand, not as though they are not able to multi-task while driving to say the least, are not indifferent, but are awe struck by our pulsating pistons.  First they see me with legs appearing if carved from fine marble, then they see the Biker Goddess following close behind.  They can only wonder what it would be like to have legs like the Biker Goddess as they momentarily gaze at their pasty thighs.  There have been reports, from where we've ridden through, that women are breaking into Walmart and stealing bikes. Those that fair better have been lining up outside of bike shops.

To all those pasty-legged women, you're welcome.


  1. Let me know when you hit Idaho so I can avoid running you over!

  2. Hey dont forget about Lake Preston!